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August Monthly Meeting - Pride of Ownership

Following last year's successful PoO competition, we have decided to hold the 2017 competition on Thursday 3rd August at our Monthly Meeting.  ALL members are encouraged to bring along an MG and enter into the spirit of the competition.  The points system is very simple and designed so that everyone has an excellent chance of doing well.  50% of the points will come from members votes and 50% will be based on the answers given to the questions below:

We will be asking each entrant to complete the following details (so please check up on the answers before you arrive):
a) How many years have you owned this MG?
b) How many miles has this MG done in the last 12 months
(since 4th August 2016)?
c) How many Epsom Area events have you attended with your MG in the last 12 months
(including monthly meetings and all events in our calendar since 4th August 2016)?

If your MG has won our Pride of Ownership in any of the last three years, you may not be included in this year's competition, although we will be very happy to see you there with your MG.

Insurance for your MG
We do not make any recommendations in relation to car insurance.
However, if you are looking for insurance for your MG and you are thinking of using Lancaster Insurance Services, may we invite you to go to our 'Links' page from the menu on the left and click on the link to Lancaster Insurance from there.  If you use this route to Lancaster and you subsequently buy insurance from Lancaster, our club will receive commission, which we will put towards our Charity donations pot. 

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Could you donate bone marrow?
One of our members would like to ask whether you have thought of being a bone marrow donor. Our member has very personal reasons for making this appeal so Iíve checked out the details which are on two websites:
The telephone numbers are 0845 7 711 711 and 020 7284 1234 respectively, or just check with your Doctorís surgery. 

The Blood Transfusion service has an age limit of 49 and the Anthony Nolan Trust a limit of 40 but please, please, don't just think about it do it. 

Thank you for anybody's life you might save.