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GUERNSEY TOUR 2020 (For Members with Refunds outstanding)

After 31 successful years in the travel industry, IOW Tours regrettably ceased trading on 7th October.  Despite the efforts of the Management team to keep the company in business, the adverse effects of Covid-19 on bookings for this year and into next year proved too great and they were unable to continue.  IOW Tours Limited are members of The Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (CPT) and held a bond under the Bonded Coach Holidays scheme (BCH) to protect customer prepayments. This means that customers are entitled to a full refund of monies paid. The IOW Tours closing statement can be accessed via the link below.

Full information on the refund claims procedure with BCH Bonding is also now available via the following link. 

Please note that although I co-ordinated bookings for the trip and liaised with IOW Tours on the Club’s behalf, all financial transactions and monies paid were direct with them and therefore claims should be made individually as set out in the claims procedure.


I am sure you will agree with me this is a very sad outcome as they have organised many enjoyable trips for us over the years.

Very Best Wishes

Derek Edwards