We support many local charitable events throughout the year

The Epsom Area has a continuing policy of charitable fundraising.  We display our members MGs at fetes, local fundraising events, support specific local charities and organise events to raise funds for them.


We have made donations to many local charities nominated by our members.  The list below is a summary of the charities which received donations at our Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony.  This event is held in January each year, our members get dressed up in their finery and enjoy a first class meal and dancing. We take the opportunity to present donations to local charities which have been nominated by our members.

If you would like to nominate a local charity for our next event please contact us.

2019 Charitable Donations

The following charities received a donation of £400 each

Epsom Riding for the Disabled Association

Sponsored by Marion Rose  | www.epsomrda.btck.co.uk

Epsom RDA is a registered charity providing opportunities for disabled people to learn to ride to benefit their health and well being.

We have over 200 volunteers and a whole herd of ponies to assist our 300 plus riders. We provide riding sessions seven days a week including some evening sessions. Each Session is led by their own experienced and qualified Session Leader, ably assisted by a Deputy, a Group Instructor and a team of volunteers to led the ponies, and support and encourage our riders.

South East Cancer Help Centre (SECHS)

Sponsored by Peter Steele  |  Sechc.org.uk

SECHC aims to give any person affected by cancer an opportunity to explore ways which may help them to cope with their situation. Confidentiality is always maintained. The Centre aims to respect and support them in the choices they make and to provide individual and group support, complementary therapies and information within a friendly, caring environment. These services have local NHS recognition.

Our policy is to provide time and support in addition to that available from healthcare professionals at a notional cost to the Member. We give information but not advice about cancer and its treatment.

Our strategy is to remain a well managed independent charity, staffed predominantly by trained Volunteers, with professional guidance and support. We aim to be well known and respected in our community. We seek to retain sufficient financial reserves to cope with fluctuations in fundraising and grant aid.

“Off the Record”

Sponsored by Mark & Jamie Brown  |  Talkofftherecord.org

Off the Record (OTR) Youth Counselling Croydon was founded in 1994 to provide free, independent and professional counselling for 14 – 25 year olds in the Croydon area. Since then the charity has expanded to include further areas of work including BME mental health work; a young carers service offering support to young people under 26 who are caring for a parent or sibling; a specialist counselling service for young refugees; online counselling and workshops; and our young people’s counselling service in the boroughs of Sutton and Merton.

The Duffus Cancer Foundation

Sponsored by Tony Pearse  |  duffuscancerfoundation.org

Duffus Cancer Foundation aims to offer support primarily to those young people who are indirectly affected by cancer.  They could have experience of a sibling, carer, family member or close friend going through cancer.

We also offer signposting support to those young people directly affected by cancer.

Every Chid a Swimmer

Sponsored by Jonathan Kiely  |  everychildaswimmer.com

After 61 years of loyal service, our school pool has reached the end of its life.

We’ve been faced with a decision: should we permanently close our school pool (many schools in the area have had to let their pools go) or hold onto our commitment to see Every Child a Swimmer?

We’ve decided we won’t let the pool go under. Together we can save the pool and see Every Child a Swimmer. So, we’re launching this school-community fundraising project.

For the last 60 years every Avenue pupil has had the opportunity to learn to swim for free, and we’re aiming to maintain this school facility for a further 60 years with your help and support.

2018 Charitable Donations

The following charities received a donation of £300 each

RASASC-Guildford 4

Sponsored by Marion Rose  |  www.rasasc.org

Often there is no one for a raped or sexually abused person to turn to, no one with whom to share their feelings.   Caring partners or family members have difficulty understanding and coping with the aftermath.

Experience has shown it’s easier to talk to a skilled person – someone who can be relied upon to listen carefully and empathise with the caller, without making judgements.

RASASC-Guildford is a charity supporting all male and female survivors of rape and sexual abuse in Surrey and the surrounding areas.

Heathrow Special Needs Centre

Sponsored by Sue Oughton  |  www.heathrowspecialneedscentre.org

The charity was formed in 1986 to address the considerable benefits for people with disabilities and special needs to be had from contact with animals and plants. It is possible for them to not only derive considerable proven therapeutic benefit but also to develop skills, get education, get work experience and reach personal targets with a sense of personal achievement in so doing.

The charity welcomes visitors and users from 5 years of age with all types of disability and special needs and provides free services which are not available from local authorities or commercial organisations.

Reverse Rett

Sponsored by Ted Law  |  www.reverserett.org.uk

Reverse Rett is a UK medical research charity working to speed treatments and a cure for Rett Syndrome.

Rett Syndrome has already been reversed in the lab. We work to drive these promising lab developments into tangible treatments and a cure for people living with Rett Syndrome today.

4th Worcester Park Scout Group

Sponsored by Mark Brown  |  www.4wp.org.uk

Home to Beavers, Cubs, Scouts & Explorers, 4th Worcester Park is an active and community based Scout Group situated in the Northwestern part of The London Borough of Sutton. Part of the Sutton Scout District, which in turn is part of the Greater London South West Scout County.

The group hosts all the sections from age 6 up to the age of 18 working in partnership with The Worcester Park (Argonauts) Explorer Scout Unit.

Formed in 1933 by a small group of young People and their parents, they secured the land and access which we still occupy today. Over the last 80 years they have built on their inspiration and foresight making us one of the biggest groups in the country.

Scouting provides fun, challenge and adventure to over 500,000 members, and all of their leaders in the United Kingdom. Every Scout Group in the UK is dependent on its volunteers.

Surrey Search & Rescue

Sponsored by Kim Shrosbree  |  www.sursar.org.uk

Surrey Search and Rescue is a member unit of the UK’s Lowland Rescue service. Alongside Mountain Rescue, Cave Rescue, the RNLI and Volunteer Coastguard, forming the backbone of specialist help for the emergency services when anyone is in need of finding or rescuing.

Lowland Rescue teams specialise in finding missing people using foot-teams and dog-teams, often over large areas of wilderness and without knowing where the casualty is to begin with.

Surrey is England’s most wooded county, and over 77% of the county is rural land.

The Surrey Search and Rescue volunteer team is trained in rapid searching techniques and navigation to cover this ground effectively, and first aid skills to help casualties when we do find them.

2017 Charitable Donations

The following charities received a donation of £400 each

The Holly Lodge Centre

Sponsored by Malcolm Childs | www.thehollylodgecentre.org.uk

Malcolm is responsible for organising the RP1 Bus Service and Buggy Service in Richmond Park, which is operated by The Holly Lodge Centre on behalf of the Royal Parks. He is seeking Financial Support for 2017 to assist in providing this service. The Bus Service operates around Richmond Park and, in 2017, will pick up as well from the Roehampton Estate and from Ham Village Estate, as well as meeting up with various bus routes at different parts of its route. Three Epsom MGOC members have been actively involved in 2016 as drivers. They have all agreed to continue in 2017. The bus will operate every Wednesday from 5th April until 2nd October 2017.

The service has proved a godsend to many elderly and frail people who would not normally be able to reach the Park, as well as a number of council estate residents, of many different ethnic groups, who have never been previously to Richmond Park.

Hounds for Heroes

Sponsored by Margaret Billinge | www.houndsforheroes.com

Hounds for Heroes provides specially trained assistance dogs to injured and disabled men and women of both the UK Armed Forces and Emergency Services. Through this provision it aims to provide help and practical support leading to an enhanced quality of life.

Initially Hounds for Heroes set out to raise £100,000, which would pay for the first 5 Labradors and their subsequent costs throughout their lives. The Puppies on Parade Appeal was so successful that we have just started our fourth appeal to purchase our latest squadron of cadets; we already have one squadron of puppies in advanced training and two squadrons in basic training at our Training Base in Petersfield, Hampshire.

Our dogs are carefully selected for all the qualities needed to produce excellent assistance dogs. The Charity has a small army of puppy parents who help with the first year of training. The dogs then enter advanced training to turn them from well behaved dogs into fully trained assistance dogs that not only bring quality of life to their owner by opening doors, picking up items, getting money from ATMs, opening train doors etc; they also bring companionship and love that can be missing when someone becomes disabled.

The Meath Epilepsy Charity

Sponsored by Rita Coleman | www.meath.org.uk

The aim of The Meath Epilepsy Charity is to enhance the lives of people who have complex epilepsy and related disabilities by ensuring they receive the support, expert care and encouragement required to build confidence, acquire new skills and maximise independence in their daily lives.

Cardiac Risk in the Young

Sponsored by Marilyn Olding | www.c-r-y.org.uk

Unexplained sudden death is often recorded by the coroner as due to ‘natural causes’. Experts believe that most of these tragedies are due to sudden cardiac death. In 2008 CRY’s fundraisers facilitated the establishment of the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology (CRY CCP) – a centre of excellence for a fast-track expert cardiac pathology service for bereaved families. The CRY CCP was originally based at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London and is currently based at St George’s Hospital, Tooting. CRY provides this service, funding the cost of coroners’ referrals, so that families no longer have the ordeal of a protracted wait for the cause of death of their child or partner.

Specialist cardiac pathology at the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology is free of charge when:

  • the cause of death is unascertained
  • the person is aged 35 years or under